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Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee loves the flowers on our cherry tree!


Wordless Wednesday


Blossoms Again

I think this will be the last set of blossom photos for the spring. I noticed a few more tress that were in bloom, though, and I wanted to make sure they were included, too. So many things to appreciate…the blossoms with the lovely red leaves behind them, the tree that has both pink and white blossoms on it (how does that work?!?), and, my favorite, the dogwoods. What a beautiful spring we’ve had!

More Blossoms

I love that the blossoms on trees flower in stages, so that spring seems to last longer!



Finally! And just in time for the Cardinals home opener, too!



Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

The First Day of Spring

To celebrate the first day of spring, we made a fun, new project–edible bird’s nests! Conveniently, you can currently find half of the items in the Easter candy aisle, and the rest are staples available year-round.

You start by mixing chow mein noodles (12 oz.) with melted chocolate…I used almond bark (about 20 oz.).

Mold into nest shapes.

Put a few “Robin Eggs” in each nest.

Add Peeps to the nests as desired–we only put one in each nest, but if you’re nests are bigger, or you have more Peeps than we did, you can always have a pair of birds!

This was a fun, hands-on project. And while I despise marshmallow Peeps, the children do not share my feelings, and really enjoyed getting to eat the special treat they made!

And, a glimpse of a few other spring crafts we’ve made over the years…

Coffee filter flowers. Super easy to make–just decorate a basket style coffee filter with markers, then spray with water to allow colors to spread and blend. When dry, pinch the middle, then attach to a green chenille stem. Instant bouquet!

You can also use the same technique to make coffee filter butterflies. Instead of just pinching the middle, wrap the chenille stem around the whole center of the filter, and use the ends to make antennae.

This is a good project for the beginning of any season…you can even assemble it over the course of an entire year. Tissue paper makes up the leaves, (and snow), for three of the seasons, but for spring, we used a flower paper punch to decorate the tree. Fun and pretty!

Wordless Wednesday

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