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The Church at Epiphany

Our church is always beautiful. But it’s looking a little bit more special this Epiphany season, with the addition of a new dossal curtain behind the cross at the front!



Christmas 2013

This was another spectacular Christmas in the Markel house!

Last night, I tried to get a nice picture of all five children in their Christmas finery. Chickadee was not thrilled.


I did get a lot of nice individual pictures, though.

Ladybug went and lost one of her two front teeth in the middle of all of this…that’s definitely a Christmas memory!


The children had their Christmas program last night. They all did a great job!


After we got home, I tried to get a nice picture of all of them in their new Christmas jammies. Again, Chickadee was not thrilled.


She was more cooperative after church this morning, though!


The children had fun opening presents after church, of course.

And they had fun playing with (or wearing), their new gifts. Some highlights were a new bunny that Bunny got from her big brother, a David Freese jersey for Moose (still his favorite player, even if he isn’t a Cardinal anymore), and a wee rolling-pin for Chickadee from Daddy, just like Princess Estelle has!

We all had a very happy Christmas!

After Christ’s Mass

Blessed Christmas, from our family to yours!


Summer Fun 2013

Well, I guess now that fall has officially begun, summer is really over. We had a lot of fun these last few months, starting when school let out, until the last official day of the season…here’s a look back at some of the things we did!

We visited a lot of playgrounds:


And spray parks:


We saw a dock dogs competition:


We went to Grant’s Farm (twice!):


And had a few tea parties:


We saw a lot of baseball games:


We went to Eckert’s and picked blackberries:


And peaches:


We visited Six Flags St. Louis for the first time:

image (1)

And celebrated the Fourth of July:


We visited the zoo:


And saw the new sea-lion exhibit for the first time!


Turkey played in his fourth season of baseball:


We celebrated some birthdays:



And had fun at VBS:


We volunteered at and/or visited the LCMS convention:


And toured the Gateway Arch for the very first time!


Bunny met a few famous people, who happened to be married to each other!



We went on a few road trips:



Ryan and I repainted the front room of our house…it looks so pretty in blue!


We visited the Art Museum:


A new school year began:


We toured the Science Center:


Some of us were just cute!


Did I mention baseball?


I worked hard to make this a fun summer, even though, as always, we didn’t go on a vacation. It’s going to be hard to top this amount of fun next summer!


Bibelot–a small object of curiosity, beauty, or rarity.


“The deep red color of the bibelot recalls the blood of Christ that in Holy Baptism cleanses you from all sin.
The fruit of the Spirit stamped on the bibelot reminds you of Baptism’s ongoing fruit in your life as the Holy Spirit keeps you united to your Lord in living faith.
Through the ongoing gift of Baptism, God continues to pour out forgiveness and new life for you. Rejoice!”

Until today, I had never heard the word “bibelot.” These particular stones are from the font that was at the LCMS convention, and are inscribed with different fruit of the Spirit. I never passed by the font when I was there, so I had no idea these were in it, and even if I had seen them, I wouldn’t have known what they were! A friend from church was kind enough to pick up a few of them for us on the last day of the convention, and I think they look very nice surrounding the Paschal candle in our school room!


VBS Closing

Tonight we wrapped up a fun week of VBS. After some music time in the church, we moved outside for a cookout, games, and goat feeding!

Chickadee Thursday

Having a fun time at VBS!


image (7)

A Service of Blessing


Today, the oldest four children and I went to the International Center in Kirkwood for the service of blessing for the new KFUO studios. While I have taken the children to the IC before, they’ve never been to a service in the chapel there…they really liked all of the windows and the organ!


They also enjoyed some of the artwork that is displayed throughout the IC:


The end of the service included a procession to the studios, where a blessing and prayers were said. We got to peek in the windows after the service was done.


There’s also a nice display case, showcasing the history of KFUO:


Even Walther was dressed up for the occasion!


There was also a nice cake reception. It was fun to see some familiar faces, and meet some new people!

Wordless Wednesday


Church and Home

I’m always looking for ways to bring a bit of church into our home, to serve as reminders throughout the week of the things we see on Sundays. Here are a few of the more obvious parallels between our church and our home.

Alleluia Banners–This was the most intentional thing I did to bring a bit of church to our home. I tried to replicate the church “Alleluia Banner,” both in color and in font. I think I did a pretty good job, too!

Paschal Candle–A new activity for us this year, I really like the addition of a Paschal Candle to our home. It’s very similar to the church Paschal Candle in some ways, too.

White Paraments/Banner–This isn’t a direct parallel, but both are white banners with gold adornments, and both have a similar crown. It’s definitely the most subtle of my attempts, but the thought is still there!

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