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Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee loves the flowers on our cherry tree!


Chickadee Thursday

Spending some time reading with big brother:


The Seat Stealer

This is Chickadee’s new favorite activity.


It doesn’t matter what the seat it…a recliner, the couch, or even a desk chair. As soon as someone gets up, she immediately climbs into the vacated seat. She also usually laughs about it, so it’s obviously a very intentional theft. Such a big personality for such a little girl!

Chickadee Thursday

Today Chickadee “helped” her oldest sister with her schoolwork!

Twenty-Three Months

I’m a day late, but better late than never, right?


Chickadee Thursday

Reading with Moose before he went to school:


Snoozing with Daddy during the Olympics:


Wordless Wednesday


Joyfully Inconvenienced

For the last few weeks, Chickadee has refused to be laid down in her crib for a nap after lunch, even though she still desperately needs the sleep.

And, for the last several weeks, I’ve spent my afternoons like this:


It’s not easy to get stuff done around here with a heavy, sweaty, toddler sleeping in my arms. School is a challenge, and forget laundry or other housework while she’s sleeping. It’s really quite inconvenient. But it’s an inconvenience I’ll gladly take, because I know these days will be gone too quickly (I actually thought they already were!), and I’ll joyfully hold on to every last moment of having a baby sleep on me for as long as I can!

Chickadee Thursday

I love babies and toddlers in winter jackets…they look like adorable little marshmallows!


Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee loves her elephant friend, “Toots!”


I love how she wants to do what the big kids are doing during school…she’s got her pencil and paper ready to go! Only she knows what’s she’s writing, though!

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