Christmas 2013

This was another spectacular Christmas in the Markel house!

Last night, I tried to get a nice picture of all five children in their Christmas finery. Chickadee was not thrilled.


I did get a lot of nice individual pictures, though.

Ladybug went and lost one of her two front teeth in the middle of all of this…that’s definitely a Christmas memory!


The children had their Christmas program last night. They all did a great job!


After we got home, I tried to get a nice picture of all of them in their new Christmas jammies. Again, Chickadee was not thrilled.


She was more cooperative after church this morning, though!


The children had fun opening presents after church, of course.

And they had fun playing with (or wearing), their new gifts. Some highlights were a new bunny that Bunny got from her big brother, a David Freese jersey for Moose (still his favorite player, even if he isn’t a Cardinal anymore), and a wee rolling-pin for Chickadee from Daddy, just like Princess Estelle has!

We all had a very happy Christmas!


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  1. […] School Christmas program. Ladybug lost a tooth right before we left for church on Christmas Eve! We had a very merry Christmas. For the first time ever, each member of our family received a Lego set (well, Chickadee’s […]

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